An Open Letter To You

Dear Friends, Fans and Family Worldwide:

Calling the past 6 months a time of incredible transition would be an understatement. For those of you that have kept up, moving my life to the west coast has been a roller coaster of an adventure in varied ways.

However, what the rollercoaster has caused is a bit of a lull in my creative flow. While I’m beyond the state of observing this fact, I have certainly been unsure of what exactly to do to find myself feeling “it” again. Over the past several months, lots of decisions have been – and in some cases, they were not mine to make and they weren’t always for the better.

That’s okay. But it’s left me a bit on the side of needing to recover, regroup and realign. As a result, nothing truly got created during the months of April and May for you guys. From the blog, to the podcast to even the simple playlist of 8 that I promised every week, I essentially needed to take this time to “get it together” – for lack of a better term.

With the weight of this comes admitting responsibility for not doing my part in something I promised to you, my audience, to work towards. While 2016 has been a promising – yet interesting – year, by no means am I trying to bombard you with excuses. This is still new territory, and running the ship alone has lots of weight for one man to carry. However, the ship is correcting course, and an improved vision is in play. After a relative amount of silence, my goal is to eventually get back to the roar I anticipated creating, but at a more realistic pace with all things considered on this end.

With this new optimism, I want to take the time to let you all know that slowly, but surely, the flow is returning to Motiv8 Networks - albeit with some adjustments. Below are dates to look forward to and adjustments to the different moving parts of the living project that is #M8N.

  • Audible Therapy is moving from every Monday to every other Wednesday - beginning next week, June 8. AT will carry on as a bi-weekly feature to allow more time and authentic music to flow.
    • There have been a number of artists looking to get featured on Audible Therapy, and I want to let you  know that the proper channel to begin the process has been created: Please click here to begin any conversations regarding features.
    • Expect a form by the end of June to expedite this process! For now, the requirements are simple:
      • Your Music is available on Spotify
      • Active Social Media Handles (Twitter, Instagram) 
    • While it was an ambitious endeavor, the Audible Therapy legs on Google + and YouTube will no longer be utilized.
  • Popp*d will remain the Official Blog of #Motiv8 Networks, but will adjust focus for the remainder of the year on Monthly Election Viewpoints. In addition, Popp*d will evolve into aligning with the format of the podcast in being the primary hub for supplemental information (#MakeFrankieFamous, etc.), as well as commentary and opinion pieces.
    • For those looking to be published, submissions are being considered for July and should also be addressed here.
  • #Motiv8Live will be changing its name to Popp*d Live and returning July 14 for monthly episodes.

All in all, I want to formally apologize for the silence you have all witnessed in recent months. However, I look forward to expanding your palate of entertainment, getting back to the creating that I love to do and involving those I care about as well as the new friends that have come along the way and could perhaps find opportunity within this realm.

My goal at the core of this is to entertain, help others and create a better world through a network for those that believe in building and improving the creative spirit within each and every one of us. However, I want to be sure I give you proper expectations.

I hope you will continue with me on the evolving journey.

To A New Era,

Chad Golston
President, Motiv8 Networks