#Motiv8 - 25 of 15 (Pt. I)


It's year-end list time! After searching all of 2015 for the best sounds that I felt you most likely weren't listening to, 338 songs came across your radar. After reviewing those tracks over the year, I took the holidays to narrow down that massive list to 25 songs. Let the countdown begin with Nos. 25-16 of the Top 25 of 15! 
25. Memory - Parade of Lights
Feeling Electric, Astralwerks (2015)
Immediate bias alert: I am a massive fan of Parade of Lights. They kicked off the very first version of Audible Therapy with “Golden”, and while I may not be able to claim TOTAL responsibility for that song blowing up, imagine my surprise (and subsequent joy) seeing the song a couple of months later in E! commercials. However, this particular track is a perfect beginning to our countdown, as the synths take your mind to numerous places and bring my mind over all the people, places and things in the past year. For the general populace, the lyrics bring your mind to the joys, pains, highs and lows of a lost love that held significance from the depths of a yearning heart.

24. Handsome And Wealthy - Migos
No Label, Quality Control/300 Music (2014)
2015 was the year of ratchetry in numerous ways. Migos are  the trendsetters of the year in regards to getting a party started. Personally, this was my track that would get me ready for any situation and will do the same for you. Clubbin? Done. Fashion show? Yep. House party? Absolutely. Big meeting? Consider it slayed. Migos has put out subsequent mixtapes and singles throughout 2015, but keep your eye on this group in 2016 despite the troubles they’ve experienced because they are PUSHING despite those setbacks.

23. Stay - Vacationer
Relief, Downtown Records (2014)
One of the most easy-going and feel-good tracks I have heard in years. Incredibly reminiscent of “Since I Left You” by The Avalanches in 2000, the song gives tropical vibes with the bongo drums leading the charge. I have to give credit to Vince or the lead on this one, and it’s definitely a track that will stay in my collection for years, but should definitely be in yours if it’s not already.

22. The Beach (feat. KRUE) - PWNDTIAC
The Beach, We Love This! (2015)
“If you are the ocean, I’m your beach” - lyrics that speak too well to anyone with a yearn for the beach after a year of climate insanity. This feel-good track is loaded with synths, a sick beat and breathy vocals sure to pace you for a feel-good weekend situation.

21. Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
TRXYE, EMI Australia (2014)
This simple synthy track along with Sivan’s fragile-yet-strong vocals bring a welcome difference to the musical landscape in the past year. Experience more of him by listening to his Blue Neighbourhood album that came out this year, as it’s a further exploration in what he has to offer. This particular track may name off random party favors, expensive items and emotions, but the sense of loneliness that the vocals alone bring to the table make this artist a worthy listen.

20. Sippy Cup - Melanie Martinez
Cry-Baby, Atlantic (2015)
Most of you may remember her as a finalist on The Voice, but Melanie Martinez has made the most of the Spotify generation and put out some incredibly eargasm-worthy material in the past year or two. This track we featured this year was no exception as it named off random actions, yet it was the hook that was inescapable and makes for a track worthy of numerous best-of lists.

19. Lights On - XY&O
Lights On (Single), Electric MVM (2015)
This new band provided us a track in the late summer that makes for a great background at the pool, cruising with your top down or just getting a good ass-shaking moment in for your night. The harmonized vocal makes way for a chorus that’s easy, breezy and beautiful whether you have a Cover Girl or not.

18. Peace of My Heart - Molly Moore
Shadow of the Sun (EP), Home Planet Records (2015)
The intensity of Moore shows from the first breath of this song, she brings an atmosphere to the table that’s rarely found in artists of today. Great hooks, a nifty clap-beat, and true emotion show that this is an artist to watch out for. “Peace of My Heart” not only shows that she’s an artist that shares my love of homonyms, but is an artist that shows incredible promise and should be on all radars for 2016.

17. Girls - Slow Magic
How To Run Away, Downtown Records (2014)
I had never heard of Slow Magic until my first night at the Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin, TX this year, and he did NOT disappoint. But this breathtaking, hypnotizing track made it necessary for me to share it with the world. It doesn’t even require decipherable lyrics, but it has the ability to bring a feeling of hope, love and an enjoyable chaos.

16. 07:41 - Still Parade
07:41 (Single), Still Parade (2015)
“this weird feeling when you’re new somewhere. you feel like a stranger and no one really seems to care about you. But there’s also the chance to build up something new. It’s the point when you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Can be quite scary and exciting at the same time.”
is the explanation of “07:41” by Still Parade’s creator Niklas Kramer. All I can tell you is that it was on our most recent playlist for 2015, and it was infectious, feel good, and did not escape brains for days to come. When that’s enough after only 2 weeks of release to make an impact on a year end list, you know you have a helluva artist on your hands!

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