The Year!

First of all, I wanted to take this time to say thanks to everyone that's brought their support to the #Motiv8 Networks by viewing the site, hitting our social pages and giving me input.

It's incredibly appreciated!

Secondly, I wanted to take a moment to elaborate just a bit on what the intention of this network is and where it all began:

It All Started With A Playlist
To put it simply, I started 2015 with nothing more than a playlist because I wanted to get passionate again about music. I felt very out of the loop in 2014 when it came to what I liked. As someone who does not appreciate the radio too much, I found myself desperately hunting for something fresh and that kept my interest. So a resolution I had for the year was to stay current on music I appreciated, discover new acts and try to stay away from music that was decades old. 
Don't get me wrong! I can appreciate the classics, but I do not feel ready to succumb to only that and definitely do not want to be the guy that says "turn that down!" at age 28. 

As a result, I've been making an 8 song playlist just about every Monday morning on Spotify (and sometimes YouTube) and it's grown to a small group of listeners that definitely appreciate it! I know every single song isn't for everybody, but there is SOMETHING for everyone within that list, and that's where this whole idea comes from. We connect via a universal language, and I believe that we can become better people as a result of it. A year in and over 300 songs later, I'm proud of the collection I've mustered up and the new artists I've brought to the attention of my peers. But I felt like I could do something more with this and bring my passions into the fray as well...

Now we've hit the year mark and I see a lot of potential for so many things. This blog is only a piece of that, and I'm working on bringing YOUR voices, thoughts and ideas into this to make this a true integration of ideas, growth and improvement in a few ways that you'll see in 2016. The idea box is only getting started, friends! Be sure to stay tuned and stay connected with the site. The next thing to watch out for is the #Motiv8 Top 25 of 2015 - I'm taking the 300+ songs in the archive to break down my favorites, and trust me when I say that it is NOT an easy task when there are SO MANY good jams to pull from!

Once again, thanks to all of you for your support. I wish you an incredibly Merry Christmas and a stellar 2016! 

Much Love, 
- Chad