Some Thoughts

So we're 7 months deep into 2017, and what exactly have I concluded? 

Number one, I haven't written enough. I'm working to change that in the latter half of the year.

Number two, I have a number of worries about my country, but I've definitely taken the time to stand up, speak out and take action. However, this post isn't too focused on that, and I feel that the latest podcast episode spoke on a number of those worries to the point of exhaustion. It's also why you haven't had a new episode in a while - I've been quite the worker bee and simply haven't had the proper time to dedicate like I had hoped. With that said, Season 2 isn't over by any means. Sorry folks, I miss you too! The hiatus will be over sooner than you think.

Today, I wanted to get some thoughts out about dialogue and more specifically, how you can expect ME to engage with you as well as what I won't tolerate. 

I love dialogue. I love comments. I love getting a solid feel for what those in my circle think when it comes to the issues of the day. However, more importantly, I'm a firm believer in that you should never stop learning. I find that, whether digitally or in person, these conversations are imperative to growing and becoming a better human being. Even the ratchet conversations can bring about something worthwhile, but I digress. 

I'm all for admitting when I'm wrong, taking the L in a situation or humbling myself by confessing that I'm ignorant of an issue. However, lately I've noticed a few troubling trends in these conversations, and it's frustrated me so much that it's kind of the root cause to my writing this post today: 

  • sidestepping the issue
  • derailing the conversation
  • missing the point*
  • meme-ify or joke away the topic

*This one can happen easily, and I'm all for helping to fix it, but I think a lot of it happening in the first place is due to our culture becoming TL;DR, which is fine, but commenting anyway? Not so much. 

In regards to the other points, my goal isn't to "police language" but it's to at least shine a light on the fact that they're getting in the way of generating productive conversations. Whether it's on Facebook, here, texts or in my house, my intention is to have a productive dialogue when I bring up current events and the like.

With that said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying nothing and scrolling onward. In the words of someone notable, "shutting the fuck up is free!" However, I always encourage questions. if you don't understand, ask! Sometimes I think that there's fear in asking questions, and as someone that really wants to build a community of purpose-driven folks, I would be remiss to not open the door to that. We don't know everything, I surely do not, but I definitely want it to be known that we can BOTH learn along the way. 

For those of you that want to belittle the conversations about shit that matters or try or shoo it away by being facetious or just a downright asshole, I want you to know a few things:

1) it won't work

2) it will be called out

3) the fact that you do this speaks VOLUMES about you and your blatant disregard for the individuals in the conversation

There's a time and a place for the joking, but there's no time or place for blatant dismissal of those adding to the conversation. 

Just try implementing peace and respect, and the rest will follow. We're all in this together.

2016: Audible Ascension, A-Ha’s and Action

“Be fearless.”

It’s a motto I worked to follow in 2016. I’d like to think I was considerably successful in doing so! All things considered, it was a massive step into the unknown with ALL the nouns imaginable. Initially, I thought that this would be something that’s a setback, but once I started to approach the year with a mindset that working with you have is all anyone really can do, I stepped into the year with something close to confidence and didn’t look back.

The result? Well, if you ask others, it was a big year of loss from the election to celebrity deaths and a crazy amount of fuckery that can only be described as something close to inexplicable (I’m looking at you, Mariah). However, looking internally? This was a year I was determined to make a sea change for the sake of the life I envisioned. I didn’t think I’d accomplish everything I aimed for, but the list is still pretty impressive TO ME, anyway:

  1. Moved halfway across the country to the state I’ve dreamed of living in nearly 2 decades
  2. Started my life over completely with no personal or professional connections whatsoever
  3. Built upon my business idea
  4. Churned out 9 episodes of a podcast (and a 10th on the way!)
  5. Built a new network of friends (and growing)
  6. Cosmically entered a new opportunity in a job with amazing people
  7. Reconnected with the inner child that I silenced for so long; Silent no longer!

The list continues, but these are high marks. All this isn’t to say that there weren’t struggles, of course there were! But, the struggles are what make these joyous milestones so much more enjoyable and appreciative. Am I where I want to be? No. I still have so much more to accomplish. I’m simply at a checkpoint at this stage in my life, and now that I’m approaching my 30th birthday, I look upon this year of transition as a pivotal moment where I feel within my spirit that I’m on the verge of something truly incredible. I have no idea what the future holds, but I pray that this growth I’ve experienced is something that those of you that care enough to read this can relate to, understand, appreciate or even find for yourself.

I’d be lying if I said I had no “stuck” moments throughout 2016. Are you kidding me? One setback in itself (getting laid off after only TWO MONTHS at a gig) had me feeling completely stuck as though I was just a useless individual, but in shifting my mindset to one of being purpose-driven, I realized that what I was going through wasn’t happening TO me, but FOR me. I was being prepared for something pretty awesome, and I look back on THAT moment as MY door that needed the right time to be seen. Upon that discovery (and a LOT of prayer), so much began to click for me.

No, I have not quite found my purpose, but I think those of you that know me understand that I’m certainly on a course to finding it and once I do, I intend to embrace that, build upon it and make a life that not only improves myself, but those that I cherish most. Because what is success and joy if you don’t have your flock of genuine like-minded individuals to share it with? That’s what I aim for in 2017 – to SOAR, improve and bury the worst year of my life (2015) as not only a memory, but a lesson. The petty side of me also wants to make those naysayers of that year or those that didn’t bother truly regret it, but that doesn’t serve me any longer, and I want to get beyond those emotions altogether.

Speaking of purpose, it’s a term I’ve explored thoroughly over the past several months. And it’s hard to narrow down just where it thrives when I have a myriad of interests:

  • Politics
  • Pop Culture
  • Humanitarianism
  • Literature
  • Art
  • Travel
  • Music (singing)
  • General Ratchetry
  • Helping others

That last one – helping others - has always been at my forefront. Somehow, I intend to connect Motiv8 with that. It’s not crystal clear just yet, but the wheels are turning in my head and I have a larger scale idea that I’d like to center around helping people. In time, I will see it through.

In the meantime, though, I have a massive fish to fry right in front of me.
Many of you do as well: building the resistance to the Trump Administration.

November 8th has come and gone. I get it, the result was not an easy one to swallow and it is what it is. Whatever your feelings are of HRC, Russia, Wikileaks and the like, all I know is that the agenda that stares us in the face is one that stands vehemently against just about everything I believe in for this nation. I intend to continue being the fearless individual you all have known me to be. I may be distant from those of you that I’ve known over the years. Chances are that you are perhaps the most vulnerable to this agenda, but just know that despite that, I will only grow louder.

I refuse to stand by idly as an agenda of bigotry, sexism, intolerance and xenophobia starts to apply itself on this country. It’s just as much ours, and too much work has gone into making this “a more perfect union” for me to just let it slip through our fingers. We’ve had 2 months to grieve, and now it’s time to get to work. I started just the other night by downloading a guide for resisting this hate-filled agenda that I recommend to you all if you haven’t already read it: Indivisible. It details how you get involved and what you need to do to make a difference. I think the events of Day 1 of Congress speak to just how powerful our collective voices are. Don’t let distracting voices lead you to believe that they’re not. We have power.

The biggest thing to remember, if you agree, is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE here. It may feel that way, especially if you’re a blue dot in a neverending swath of red, but there’s a few things to keep in mind:

Remember that this is a President who does NOT have a mandate.  
Remember that this is a President who had more of the country vote AGAINST him than FOR him:

The Popular Vote of the 2016 U.S. Election

The Popular Vote of the 2016 U.S. Election

In case you’re wondering, that’s a total of 74,074,037 (54.05%) of Americans that did NOT ask for this agenda. So, do not be discouraged, friends. I’m surely not! This is an opportunity to get involved and be heard – especially to those that think you are not heard.

After reading the previously mentioned guide, I took steps to make sure I remain more engaged in the political process than ever before. I used this website to get the information on my Senators and Representatives (both National and State), and now: they’re in my phone and I even have a Google Doc of their info:

Granted, there’s a higher chance that my reps are reflective of my values moreso than my previous locales, but the point is that I intend to keep them honest and hold them accountable. As my mom said, “closed mouths don’t get fed” – and I say the same to all of you. I’m ready at the drop of a hat to make sure I do my part in ringing those phones off the hook, loading up some email boxes, showing up at events, organizing or even Twitter dragging if needed to make sure my truth is known.

This is our chance to be the generation I always knew us to be, and we’re gaining an awareness, a consciousness that I worried we never would. But I feel a shift in the air and I’m genuinely excited. Maybe Chad 2024? Who knows! More to come on Episode 10 of the Podcast – expect it on MLK Day!

Regardless, I hope you’ll join me.

2017 holds some fear, but so much promise. I’m glad the past year is behind us, because I have a hustle to continue on, and most of you do too! I still have self-discovery to do. I still have growing to do. I have a milestone of a birthday to enjoy! There’s so much life to be had, guys! I intend to focus on living the best life I know how, so not even the orange one can get in the way of it :)

May your year be bright, my friends. Happy 2017.

With Love Always,

A Big Announcement...

September was episodeless. That's not good. So how are we making it up to you? 

3 October Episodes of Popp*d Live.
That's right!

Today (October 8)
October 18th
October 30th

We're calling it #Popptober. Because we know you need something to get through this election, and hopefully we can help!

Subscribe to Popp*d Live now on iTunes and stay tuned for what's to come!

An Open Letter To You

Dear Friends, Fans and Family Worldwide:

Calling the past 6 months a time of incredible transition would be an understatement. For those of you that have kept up, moving my life to the west coast has been a roller coaster of an adventure in varied ways.

However, what the rollercoaster has caused is a bit of a lull in my creative flow. While I’m beyond the state of observing this fact, I have certainly been unsure of what exactly to do to find myself feeling “it” again. Over the past several months, lots of decisions have been – and in some cases, they were not mine to make and they weren’t always for the better.

That’s okay. But it’s left me a bit on the side of needing to recover, regroup and realign. As a result, nothing truly got created during the months of April and May for you guys. From the blog, to the podcast to even the simple playlist of 8 that I promised every week, I essentially needed to take this time to “get it together” – for lack of a better term.

With the weight of this comes admitting responsibility for not doing my part in something I promised to you, my audience, to work towards. While 2016 has been a promising – yet interesting – year, by no means am I trying to bombard you with excuses. This is still new territory, and running the ship alone has lots of weight for one man to carry. However, the ship is correcting course, and an improved vision is in play. After a relative amount of silence, my goal is to eventually get back to the roar I anticipated creating, but at a more realistic pace with all things considered on this end.

With this new optimism, I want to take the time to let you all know that slowly, but surely, the flow is returning to Motiv8 Networks - albeit with some adjustments. Below are dates to look forward to and adjustments to the different moving parts of the living project that is #M8N.

  • Audible Therapy is moving from every Monday to every other Wednesday - beginning next week, June 8. AT will carry on as a bi-weekly feature to allow more time and authentic music to flow.
    • There have been a number of artists looking to get featured on Audible Therapy, and I want to let you  know that the proper channel to begin the process has been created: Please click here to begin any conversations regarding features.
    • Expect a form by the end of June to expedite this process! For now, the requirements are simple:
      • Your Music is available on Spotify
      • Active Social Media Handles (Twitter, Instagram) 
    • While it was an ambitious endeavor, the Audible Therapy legs on Google + and YouTube will no longer be utilized.
  • Popp*d will remain the Official Blog of #Motiv8 Networks, but will adjust focus for the remainder of the year on Monthly Election Viewpoints. In addition, Popp*d will evolve into aligning with the format of the podcast in being the primary hub for supplemental information (#MakeFrankieFamous, etc.), as well as commentary and opinion pieces.
    • For those looking to be published, submissions are being considered for July and should also be addressed here.
  • #Motiv8Live will be changing its name to Popp*d Live and returning July 14 for monthly episodes.

All in all, I want to formally apologize for the silence you have all witnessed in recent months. However, I look forward to expanding your palate of entertainment, getting back to the creating that I love to do and involving those I care about as well as the new friends that have come along the way and could perhaps find opportunity within this realm.

My goal at the core of this is to entertain, help others and create a better world through a network for those that believe in building and improving the creative spirit within each and every one of us. However, I want to be sure I give you proper expectations.

I hope you will continue with me on the evolving journey.

To A New Era,

Chad Golston
President, Motiv8 Networks